I'm a maker across mediums.

 Photo credit: Justin Schuble & Anonymous Bike Owner

Photo credit: Justin Schuble & Anonymous Bike Owner


A Tale of Many Cities

Somehow, my parents wrangled their way through China's cultural revolution to sunny Los Angeles to sunnier📍Dallas, TX y'all. And that is where my story begins.

Fast forward to📍Washington DC, where I studied finance & international business at Georgetown University. I soaked up the cross-cultural relations part, but the Bank of Beijing internship affirmed *big corporate* wasn't for me. And little did I know then that a brief stint in child nutrition advocacy would be pivotal to my future trajectory.

The latter years of my education took on a whirlwind twist. This indulgent creative season included nerding out on New Nordic culinary culture in📍Copenhagen (c/o Rene Redzepi's Nordic Food Lab ) and designing SaaS UX at Meltwater in📍San Francisco. 

 My cozy Danish neighborhood.

My cozy Danish neighborhood.


Straddled by the overlap of design and business, I embraced the method to madness / strategy to spontaneity these experiences brought. Cue a few more eye-opening gigs at DC creative agency Workhorse and the Office of the Surgeon General at Health & Human Services. And because a girl's gotta keep up her Chinese, I developed thought with Georgetown's Initiative for US-China Dialogue on Global Issues, splitting time between governing institutions in DC &📍Beijing. 

I'm currently working on food marketing & innovation with the rad crew at W&P Design in📍Brooklyn, NY. Someday, all these food + design + culture + world experiences will coalesce into somebigthings. Until then, still learning and still living.


Life's a group effort. I owe more than simple thanks to a number of incredible humans, notably: Lisa Puckett, Justin Barber, Ann Kim, Tammy Cho, James Li, and Danny Brooks.

And to the creators that have meaningfully shaped my trajectory: Tim Keller, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Raz, Tina Essmaker, and Dominique Crenn