Travel | Top 5 New Nordic Restaurants in Copenhagen

Travel | Top 5 New Nordic Restaurants in Copenhagen

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You made it to the promised land!! Hellooo, sea buckthorn and curious emulsions and cured egg yolk (sneak me some dehydrated underripe berries through airport security while you're at it). Welcome to København, the epicenter of the New Nordic food movement. But alas, $$$$ + foresight to make a three month advance reservation at one of the 15 (!!) Michelins = a challenging equation for many of us. Luckily, there exist lovely establishments (detailed below) that won't break the bank while still managing to break your heart via impossibly charming waitstaff. Danes.

Expect to be delighted and disgusted, surprised and comforted. Ask away on ingredient sourcing & preparing, how to say cheers in Danish, can you take a picture with your statuesque waiter, etc. They're always happy to oblige. 

Note: If you're interested in Noma, I've documented the full amaAAaazing experience here.

Höst / Cofoco Restaurant Group

Höst is my all-around winner in terms of food, experience, and affordability. The environs feel like the world has stilled for an evening, and prices are crazy reasonable for a consistently exquisite, seasonally focused tasting menu. For my fellow design & ceramics nerds, it's won interior design awards & dinnerwares are a collab with design shop Menu and New Norm architects. Reservations required, but if you don't manage to snag one, another restaurant in the Cofoco group empire will do just fine.

Höst website / Cofoco website
Tasting menus $56+ (350 DKK) || Wine pairings $40+ (245 DKK) || Lg portions (plates themselves are small but you get so many + mini courses in between)


Location, location. Almanak's housed inside a swank building on the canal with a $$$$ jazz club upstairs, so you have the views and the vibes. It's pricey side but unsurprising given the brick-and-mortar business is a real estate game. Food & service are on par with the beautiful decor―simple and sleek with muted blues and grays. Rezzies recommended unless you go early.

Website || Dinner plates $22-41 || Lunch plates $17-29 || Med portions


I wasn't planning on listing any Michelin restaurants here, but 108 is a deceiving one (in the good affordable way). You order a la carte here, which automatically makes the meal much more controllable investment-wise. There's also a delightful sounding casual corner space with coffee, pastries, and lunch. Chef Kristian Baumann is a Noma alumnus and the sweetest man ever who whistled up the whole kitchen crew to drop what they were doing and rally to take a picture with us (see last photo). Had to smile through my euphoric tears.

Website || Dinner plates $17-31 || Lunch plates $8-21 || Sm portions


The little casual sister of Michelin-starred Relæ across the street. Known for their beef tartare, but I'd recommend the 7-course veggie focused menu to get a better sense of what Chef Christian Puglisi is all about. The dishes seem almost too simple at first, but I always better appreciate the thought behind them after I've had a chance to digest the experience in its entirety.

Website || $45 (285 DKK) 7 course meal || $45 for 3 wine pairings || Med-Lg portions (7-course meal is filling)

Photos: Per-Anders Jörgensen

Norrebro Bryghus

Yes, a brewery! Best brewery meal of my life! Vibes are chill and you get great New Nordic courses along quality local drafts. When they take the food seriously along with the drink = 👌🏼.

Website || $28-40 A la carte entrees || $56 (350 DKK) 3 course set menu || Med portions

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