Recipe | 4 Faux-Fancy Creative Toasts

Recipe | 4 Faux-Fancy Creative Toasts


Hi friends! New platform, same me. (No) thanks to Photobucket for the ugliest $400 blackmail, my college sweetheart of a blog has died to its future glory of a new home on my portfolio. (But hurrah, Vicksquisite lives on!)

Here I resurrect the beginnings of my kitchen experiments to kick-start this new digital habitat into being. I've always been a no-exact-recipe type chef, so precision isn't too important here. Neither is aesthetic―whether you carefully arrange or hangrily throw is up to you. 

All you need is quality bread (local artisan loaves are always👌🏼), a few main ingredients, & a little extra something for pizzazz. Game, set, match. Breakfast all, damn, day.

fig + 

ricotta +



i also love a good sprinkle of pepper here.


endive + 

reduced balsamic + 

ricotta + 


inspired by a lovely tartine i had in paris.


cucumber + 

garlic + 

sesame + 

soy + 


*toasted, always.
essentially my dad's garlic cucumber salad on toast.


fried egg* + 

avocado + 

seaweed + 

pea* shoots + 


*try frying the egg in maple syrup.
*any shoots! radish would be great too.

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